Our Life Now and Beyond

Written by Lisa Tait-Gignac

Personal Planning Journal

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have all of your unique and important information stored in one journal? Simple and useful. This journal can be your ‘go-to’ journal for information or answers to any questions you may have. Use as a daily journal as well as a planning journal. Although we do not always like to think about this, but the truth is, life can change in a moments notice.

This journal is a must have for every household!

Planning for the Unexpected

Perhaps you have not thought about or had the discussions about planning for the unexpected. This personalized journal is designed to help you to be prepared. Included are items that are very important such as writing your Holographic Will. This journal will help you or your loved ones now and beyond. You can utilize this important journal for day to day planning and reference. This journal will also guide you in documenting important plans and information for your future and if the unexpected should happen. Life is busy and goes by so fast. There may be things you or your spouse might not know about each other’s day to day routines or personal affairs. Nobody want to think this way, but, I often wonder if my husband would know what to do if anything were to happen to me, or would I know what to do if anything happened to him? What if something happened to both of us? Figuring it all out and making plans and tough decisions could be very difficult, especially if it was during a time of stress or grieve. This handy journal can help guide simple day to day questions, or the not so simple questions that may arise if the unexpected should happen.

Important Information in Your Life

A personalized journal can be your ‘go to’ for numerous items of information in your life and serve as a handy journal to have in the home. What if you wanted to go on vacation, and had someone caring for your kids or pets or others in your care? You would already be prepared You can utilize your routine outlines and diet needs readily as you already have it written in your journal to transfer over. What if you were unable to let your family know about your financial affairs and insurance policies? It would be so helpful to have this journal filled out and readily available to help relieve added stress to your loved ones. And as time goes on, you can update your journal while still having memories of past routines and favourites. Write down as little or as much as you are comfortable, after all it is your journal. Keep it safe, and let the ones you trust know about it. Hope for the best, but plan for the unexpected.

A handy journal for important information.  
~ One book. All the answers
~ Helpful to yourself and helpful to your family
~ Have your affairs in order
~ Day to Day information such as instructions or reminders
~ Kids medical information or anyone in your care
~ Routines and special instructions
~ Important information
~ Important personal and business contacts
~ Emails, websites and passwords
~ Special dates
~ Investments and Finances
~ Insurance
~ Memorial wishes
~ Holographic Will
~ Over 450 pages to personalize , plan and document anything important to you!









Lisa Tait-Gignac

Lisa Tait-Gignac

If people could read minds, this book wouldn’t be needed! Live life to the fullest, love and protect your family, and do what makes you happy

Hi, I am Lisa Tait-Gignac, and I’m grateful you have chosen to purchase my book.

Lisa Tait-Gignac was born and raised in the Muskoka/Parry Sound Ontario region. She is a busy mom of 2 beautiful children and works in the dental industry. She has been a Dental Office Manager for over 20 years.


Her passion and desire to problem solve and help people have always made her wheels turn. When she isn’t planning and organizing in the office, she is busy at home doing the same thing with her husband and children. Lisa loves being creative and proactive. She never imagined herself writing a book. Ever. But, her idea to create and publish her very first book ‘Our Life Now and Beyond’ , a personal planning journal, came to her when she started asking herself all the dreaded “what if” questions. Those questions that most people do not want to think about.


The Rosseau Native’s journal writing book is helping families be prepared and have their affairs in order. A must have for every household.


One Book.  All The Answers

our Reader Says

"A handy journal for important information. Imagine having one book where all your personal and family information is stored. Keep it saafe and keep it handy for quick reference. Write in only what you are comfortable with, after all, it is your journal"

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